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WOMEN AT RISK – The Red Carpet Centre Tel Aviv


The Red Carpet Centre in Tel Aviv

Deep in the heart of Tel Aviv, many wounded women live in a parallel world of brothels and drug dealers. This is a place where merely existing is a daily struggle and many have fallen prey to prostitution, alcoholism, and drug abuse.

Studies show 82% of the women and youth in prostitution have suffered from physical violence and abuse. The area of the central bus station in Tel Aviv has become a drug centre with many brothels. Despite efforts to eradicate the problem, it doesn’t disappear it simply grows and moves locations. In the midst of the devastation of lives the Red Carpet project a offers help. Through them some prostitutes have managed to save their babies from abortion or begin the process of rehabilitation.

Update Winter 2024:

Dear friends,

As many of you are aware, on October 7th, a war broke out, and life has taken an unexpected turn. In response, much like our adaptation to the challenges of COVID-19, we’ve aligned our ministry with the guidelines established during this conflict.

One of our guidelines due to the ongoing War in Israel, we are unable to open our day center in South Tel Aviv since our facility lacks a bomb shelter. Consequently, we have been preparing essential items, including clothes, food and beverages, hygiene products, medical supplies, as well as underwear and socks which we then bring to the women on the streets. We are taking things one day at a time, one week at a time, with our prayers focused on seeking God’s guidance and protection for our teams and the women we serve on the street.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Red Carpet Centre – provides a safe place to sleep, food, a shower, medical treatment, clothes, job training and counsel, at present 20 – 30 prostitutes come for assistance when the centre is open. Today, the Red Carpet Center has a new larger facility and continues to operate out on the street where they can still meet those in need. We thank God for His provision for the new space!

The Red Carpet Centre is part of ICEJ Canada’s Bless Israel Fund.

The ICEJ truly appreciates the opportunity we have to sponsor this center as a beacon of hope for broken women in Israel. The director, Anat Brenner, recently shared her hopes that they will be able to develop a team who can visit those in jail or in rehabilitation centers, so that a connection with the women will be maintained.

“The team offers basic aid, a listening ear, and a safety net for women still on the streets. It isn’t easy to do, but the hope is to encourage the women to come out of the cycle of addiction or prostitution and start a new life”, explained Nicole Yoder, ICEJ Vice President for Aid and Aliyah.

Recently, Anat, a woman of much compassion, strength and vision, shared a beautiful story with Nicole about one of the women who arrived at the center for the first time.

Roselita* came to the center with “homeless” hair. This is hair that has been unwashed for an extended period of time so that it has become very matted and unhealthy. She was looking for someone to help her deal with her hair. Anat graciously ushered her to the beautician’s chair and gently began the hard task of working on Roselita’s hair. As women will often do when getting their hair done, they got into a conversation and Roselita began talking about her life. Then, out of the blue, she said: “It’s time to come back to God.”

Our goal is to help cover operational expenses including the staff and the supplies needed for their programs to operate each day. 

Please consider becoming an advocate for these women, help us raise awareness and funds to keep the Red Carpet Centre functioning seven days a week by sharing the story with your friends, creating your own Canada Helps Giving Page for this project, or using the charity gift cards to donate to the Red Carpet Centre project.

ICEJ Canada sincerely appreciates your help to achieve this goal. God bless you!

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