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Earlton ON '
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Rebekah Miles Laframboise Young Adults Team
Earlton ON


When I was 13, my family began hosting tours on our family’s hobby farm for a local Jewish Summer Camp. I met Jewish young people from all around the World. I saw GOD’S heart for His People and the Land of Israel as I read my Bible and grew to love them through this experience. My dream to go to Israel came true in 2016. It was an honour for me to be sponsored through ICEJ Canada to go on the ARISE Tour. We learned how important it is for the Church to stand with Israel both practically and spiritually. Being in the Land of Israel helped me to connect the Old Testament with the New Testament as I walked in the places I have always read about. Even now as I read my Bible I picture the place’s and people I’ve experienced in the Land of Israel. God met each one of us while we were in Israel in a special way. I was greatly impacted by our awesome leaders and team and times of prayer and teaching.

I’ve recently graduated from the RPN nursing program. I am excited to begin this journey representing GOD’S Heart for His People through ICEJ.

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