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Kelley Stewart
Exec Admin


Kelley has been the Administrator of ICEJ Canada since November of 2010. She comes with an extensive background in Prayer Ministry & Worship, which she gained at her church of many years, St. Pauls’ on the Hill in Pickering. She is always ready to pray with our ICEJ Canada Donors and Members when they call in.

Kelley travelled to Israel for the 2012 Feast of Tabernacles Tour where she had many personal moments with the Lord. One of the highlights from the Tour was the Opening Night at Ein Gedi. With a crowd of over 5,000 people representing 85 nations in the desert, they witnessed a sign and wonder of “the Mighty Rushing Wind.”

She also represented ICEJ Canada in co-sponsoring a large Operation Lifeshield bomb shelter. Kelley travelled to Nitzan Betz where this “igloo shaped” bomb shelter was installed and dedicated for a Kindergarten Class. The children greeted the group with a table laden with treats and refreshments. They rejoiced together with the Mayor, children, teachers and people from the community, with songs and dancing. The community wanted her to know how much they appreciate ICEJ and all the work we do in Israel. The children were so excited by the “igloo” they ran into it to play.

This experience was especially meaningful because Kelley has a young grandchild named Hunter who goes to school each day without fear of having bombs dropped on him. In the Nitzan area bombs are sent in on an informal schedule of every 3 days (1 or 2) then every 3 weeks a mini barrage and then 3 months a “mini war” (many, many strikes). She thought of the parents of these precious children who will now be able to drop off their children and be reasonably assured that they are in relative safety and will see them at the end of the day. It was a great honour for Kelley to represent ICEJ Canada along with the Friends of Jesus Christ church. It was an experience never to be forgotten.

Kelley has returned to Israel several times since the Lord called her to help build the ministry of ICEJ Canada as our key Administrator overseeing the head office in nearly every area of the ministry.

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