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Israel Emergency Aid Fund Description



As the war in Israel continues ICEJ Canada has been blessed with such faithful supporters like you!

On Oct. 24th we were able to send funds to purchase equipment for first responders. You provided 30 First Responder Volunteers, with bullet proof vests/helmets, search and recovery equipment, containment supplies for recovering remains, first aid and medical intervention equipment, warm sweaters even duct tape!

So many have been called up to help there is not nearly enough equipment for them all. You also provided ATV/firefighting equipment that was destroyed during the attack by Hamas in the Gaza area, plus funds for First Aid Kits/Defibrillators for the volunteers who are collecting the remains of the victims.

It was wonderful we could send over $240,000.00 on Oct. 24th.



No other nation has brought more blessings to the World than Israel, and no other nation has been more hated in return. The Holocaust was the deliberate, cold-blooded murder of six million Jews by Nazi Germany.

With the essential donations from our supporters, ICEJ Canada provides emergency relief in Israel through Operation LifeShield bomb shelters, equipment for First Responders and trauma relief for Israeli citizens of all backgrounds.

Israel’s Holocaust survivors, Jewish people, Israelis, Messianic & Arab believers, need our support. Sanctions and threats affect the lives of people of all backgrounds. We build this fund so we are prepared to help in times of need.


Over 1400 + rockets were fired toward Israel in the month May 2023, a rocket hit an apartment building in Rehovot, central Israel today, killing one person and injuring at least 4 others. Many are hurt and more traumatized. Bomb shelters cost an average of $33,000 CAD.

When rockets launch and sirens blare, Israelis have only 5 to 15 seconds to find shelter. This is why our portable bomb shelters are so greatly needed.


When an emergency situation in Israel occurs ICEJ Canada supporters respond and becuase of it we have been able to provide protective equipment such as vests and gloves for First Responders, fire fighting equipment, medical scooters and even ambulances through CMDA. We have a current list of most needed items updated daily!


ICEJ Canada has sent funding to help Israelis on the front lines and especially children and therapists to deal with PTSD via a variety of initiatives in the past and has plans for a special trauma centre in the future.

We have a new project in 2023: Therapeutic Horse Farm, Kibbutz Urim

Kibbutz Urim is located along the Gaza Border, it is a beautiful Israeli community of hard-working families founded in 1947 with almost 500 members living there. The last few years have been especially difficult with terror tunnels, fires, violent protests, explosive balloons, gunfire and shelling. As a result the entire community goes into shelters as the alarm sounds, the kids have learned to run fast. These families do not lead normal lives, the children are suffering and are fearful, they stop speaking and regress. Rescuers Without Borders established a horse therapy farm to help the children in this region. We know that animal therapy is very effective in treating various forms of trauma.

ICEJ Canada has taken on this project and sent enough funds in September to buy a horse and provide lessons for 70 children. But the need is very great, there are 200,000 residents including Sderot, Ofakim and along the Gaza Border. We hope to do more in the future with your help!


Thank you so much for your prayerful support and financial donations to help when Israel is at WAR!

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