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Israel Emergency Aid Fund


ISRAEL EMERGENCY AID FUND: This is an ongoing general aid and development fund for Israeli citizens of all backgrounds in crisis and terror. The fund enables ICEJ Canada to assist quickly in emergency and trauma relief like medical, firefighting, search and recovery equipment; ambulances, bomb shelters, first aid kits, security forest planting and communication devices for first responders. Funds are also sent to Therapeutic Centres for treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Operation LifeShield (OLS) is an ongoing emergency campaign for constructing bomb proof shelters in Israel whose communities are constantly under threat. The shelters both above ground and underground are built with steel-reinforced concrete products conforming to the strict guidelines and approval of the Israeli Defense Force Home Front Command. Shelters are necessary to protect schools, kindergartens, synagogues, parks, sidewalks, bus stops, senior and children day centres. The requests for these bomb shelters are overwhelming!

For 2024, we would like to raise $200,000 CAD. The cost for a small bell shaped bomb shelter is approx. $23,000, the cube shelters start at $32,000 each and the largest shelters are about
$56,400. This would be a life-saving project for a large family group, foundation, synagogue or church to undertake. Each shelter can be dedicated to the donor’s name according to their request.

Trauma Care & Treatment: Adults/Children (Horse Farm)
The Therapeutic Horse Farm in Kibbutz Urim, located along the Gaza Border, is a beautiful Israeli community of hard-working families dedicated to the State of Israel. The kibbutz was founded in 1947 by Bulgarian immigrants and today there are almost 500 members living there. All the young women and men in this community serve in the Israel Defense Forces when they turn 18 years old. The last few years have been difficult. Terror tunnels were discovered under the communities along the border and the region has experienced fires, violent protests, explosive balloons, shelling and gunfire. Rockets are launched often in an effort to destroy the residents. Everyone rushes into shelters when the alarm sounds.

The children of the community understand what to do and have practiced how to run fast, but they are suffering, fearful and alone as many have lost family and friends. This project primarily serves these children suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Due to the severity of their circumstances, they stop speaking, regress and even close up. The horse farm was established to help the children of this region by treating various forms of trauma using animal therapy. ICEJ Canada sent funds last year to buy a horse and provide lessons for 70 children, but the need is very great with a potential increase to 1800 children.

ICEJ Canada Aid and Development is a Canadian Registered Charity BN# 81095-4743-RR0001