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Deputy Director
ARISE Mentors '
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Pastor Adam & Edina Gabeli
Deputy Director
ARISE Mentors


Adam and Edina have always had a deep love for Israel and the Jewish people. Coming from a Sephardic Jewish background, Adam has learnt to serve the global body of Christ in context with his Jewish roots. Edina having grown up in a Christian family in Europe was surrounded by a very anti-Semitic society. This was disturbing to them, asthey alwaysstood strong in support and love for Israel.

Adam and Edina’s heart is to see God awaken the heart of the church, to relate Biblically and appropriately to Israel and the Jewish people, and see the love of God poured out on the Jewish communities of Canada.

Having being involved with ICEJ Canada since 2015, Adam and Edina have served as our Arise Directors and have led Canadian Young Adult leaders on the Arise Summer Scholarship program since 2016 to Israel. They have also built up an ICEJ young Adult representative team across the nation who support and pray for Israel. In June 2020 Adam was asked to step into the shoes of Deputy Director of ICEJ Canada under Donna Holbrook’s Leadership. He is excited to expand the work of ICEJ Canada from coast to coast advocating for the state of Israel, combatting anti- Semitism in all its forms and bridging the Gentile Church and Messianic Body. Adam is also co-producing ICEJ Canada’s “Inside Israel” TV show and is very involved in producing teaching and media content for the ministry.

Adam is also an ordained minister with the Canadian Assemblies of God and serves his local congregation Westwood Community Church in Coquitlam British Columbia.

Edina uses her administrative gifting assisting our Executive Administrator in administrative duties for ICEJ Canada.

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