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Dr. Paul C. Merkley
In Memory of


In blessed memory of Paul C Merkley
November 16, 1934 ~ December 27, 2022

Born 1934 in Toronto and educated in Toronto schools, concluding with Ph. D. in History from University of Toronto, 1965.

Retired, as of July, 1999, from the full-time teaching faculty of Carleton University, with the rank of Professor of History.

Author of six published books on aspects of Christian theology, politics and history.
Most recent publication has been on the theme of Christian attitudes towards Jews, towards Israel and towards Zionism.
In church circles, he was recognized as an advocate of support for Israel and as a critic of the anti-Israel bias which has become increasingly prominent in institutional Christianity.

Paul had been married to Gwen Merkley (nee Barton) since October 1961. He is the father of four adult children, grandfather of two girls, two boys, and great-grandfather to one great-granddaughter.

ICEJ Canada National Director Donna Holbrook comments:
Paul was an exceptional contributing board member of ours for over 15 years.
We would hold quarterly online Zoom meetings which Paul would attend even with visuals if he prepared in time as he wasn’t a fan of technology.
There was a genuine mutual appreciation Paul and the board had and especially between Paul and my husband Richard who passed now nearly 4 years ago.
We were happy to have found him a publisher (Howard Rotberg of Mantua Books) for his last book “Those that Bless You, I Will Bless” in Nov 2011.
Paul is and will be greatly missed by all his ICEJ Canada Family.