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Rev. David & Katharine (Katy)Reimer
Provincial MB


Rev. David & Katharine Reimer are Senior Pastors of Shalom Family Worship Centre in Steinbach, Manitoba. Katharine writes of her husband: David is a man of integrity who’s “walk matches his talk.” He possesses a wealth of experience, coupled with boundless energy and enthusiasm and is eager to serve. David is passionate in his love for God, his family and his country. We have been married since 1968; have three married children and four grandchildren. We have been foster parents to over 40 children and continue to care for a vulnerable adult. We have been able to introduce many of our foster children to Christ and a number have continued to walk with the Lord. We have been in full time ministry since 1985 first in Seattle, Washington for one year, Wetaskiwin, Alberta for five years and Steinbach, Manitoba since 1991. Our Church name is Shalom Family Worship Centre, which we choose because of our love for Israel. We both have had a keen interest in business but our hearts have always been to serve the Lord since we were saved in 1979. David and I are passionate about God and love Israel. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem regularly.
(ICEJ Canada biography as Regional Directors of Manitoba)

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Our tribute to God’s Servant and our dear friend Rev. David Reimer who went home to Jesus on May 1st 2022

David and Katy brought love for Israel, energy, purpose and tremendous results to their role with ICEJ as Manitoba Reps. They were always focused on how to best serve our ministry to Israel by raising funds through their church fellowship for Operation Lifeshield bombproof shelters just earlier this year. Even at a distance, they undergirded Taylor with sponsors for her first ever ‘The Covenant’ Golf Fundraiser which also funded another bomb shelter for Israel’s communities. They hosted not one but two ICEJ CA large and impressive retreats in Manitoba (the Center of Canada) at Selah (her sister and brother in law’s Liz & Rod’s retreat ministry in Vassar MB) and also the last one in Winnipeg. All details were finely tuned and communicated, with pickups and delivers, meals, outing to the Holocaust exhibit within the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. David and Katy were in syc and radiated God’s joy and spirit of serving.

They spoke on our behalf to churches, leaders and they oversaw our annual MissionFest Manitoba booths in Winnipeg.

The Reimers organized and led a tour group from MB to Israel, then again in 2018 supported our 150 Ways to Bless Israel with a special dedication of a beautiful red leaves on white handmade quilt dedicated and hung in the main entrance of the Canada House (Jerusalem Foundation project) in the Jerusalem Morasha area.

During the Feast of Tabernacles Katy and I shared a room while David shared with another gentleman to make the rooming work out. That alone was a sacrifice.
That was the year somehow all our CDN flags and banners disappeared from our Jerusalem storage. While the Canadian group toured, I went to a Jaffa Road hardware store in Jerusalem by light rail and brought back about 8 white collapsible broom handles while Katy and I surgically created hems in the extra Canadian flags we brought to slip onto each pole. During the march, David was in front with our Canada nation’s plaque and proclaiming to Israelis lining the streets of King David in his powerful yet loving voice, sunglasses off, “We love you, you know that don’t you? God loves you!” His love flowed from his voice and through his eyes. His truth and love brought healing to a hurting people.

When our Canadian Ambassador to Israel, Deborah Lyons, came as our Embassy guest to Israeli guest night during the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem, David, Katy and the group purposefully were perfectly positioned along the passage from the Green Room to the main Pais auditorium so when I escorted the Ambassador toward the front row VIP section, all our Canadians were on either side of the aisle to greet her. She was surprised and clearly delighted. Many photos were snapped in haste. David made sure our Canadian flags were large and always clearly displayed among all the other nations.

Simply stated David and Katy poured all they had into what we were doing for Israel with enthusiasm and excellence. They gave 100%+ for God and for our ministry.

Just two days before David was rushed to the ICU in Winnipeg, he was on our ICEJ Annual General zoom meeting where he was acclaimed for their work and invited on to our Advisory Board. Very sadly we never saw nor were able to speak to David again.

It is with much shock and great sorrow that we have learnt of David’s passing on May 1st. My husband Richard was also 74 and passed on May 1st exactly 3 years prior. We know David is without pain or suffering having fought the good fight and now is serving in his new kingdom role; hence our focus now is on Katy and their family. We give thanks for Katy’s report of miracle after miracle over this time. She stood against the hospital’s continued negative report, stood her ground for David and created an atmosphere of Kingdom glory in his room and hospital.

Our full ICEJ team were in constant prayer, believing for healing and are grieving our collective loss of our beloved David.

Sharon Daugherty wrote a book called The Draw of Heaven in her own experience when her 57 yr old husband passed. Is it possible that when a person gets close to death there is a draw of Heaven upon their lives she asks as she allowed peace to comfort her in her loss.

We thank God for David’s life and we hear the proclamation of “well done good and faithful servant”. David is just beginning his remarkable life eternal for which we praise and give God all the glory.

All our continued love from your ICEJ Canada family…we will always be here for you!

Donna Holbrook
National Executive Director
ICEJ Canada