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Gratitude for Your Support and Solidarity in the Walk with Israel | 13-06-2024

Dear Christian Friends and Allies, I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to the ICEJ for your unwavering support and solidarity during the Walk with Israel. Your presence and commitment were deeply meaningful to the Jewish community, and your participation underscored the strength of our shared values and aspirations. In a world often marked […]

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Our love and respect, Merv & Merla Watson (co-founders ICEJ) | 23-05-2024

“Dear Donna, We just saw your video re addressing the hostage situation. You did a great job on your speech! It really was an extraordinary response and we are so proud of you for developing that moment of exceptional unity.”

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Blessings, Stephen – MidEast Diaries, J. Stephen Lipper, Montreal, Quebec, H3Y 2V5 | 23-05-2024

“Dear Donna, The work that you have done in support of Israel and the well-being of Jews, is simply outstanding. Thanks for standing by us throughout the latest crisis. I want you to know how much your friendship and that of the ICEJ means to us.”

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Liberation75, Innovation & Collaboration in Holocaust Education | 23-05-2024

“Thank you for your column about Donna Holbrook and ICEJ. They do enormously good work and are true friends to Israel, Holocaust survivors and the Jewish community.”

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Rachel Goldberg, Judeo-Christian mother of Hersh Goldberg-Polin, hostage held by Hamas (Source: ICEJ Webinar) | 23-05-2024

“And I will tell you that my favourite groups to talk to are my Christian friends and neighbours who have come here…you have shown up, you don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk, you get on the plane and you come here and we appreciate you and we are so proud to stand […]

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Inbal Barzilay, Mentor for Immigrant Children in Akko project | 23-05-2024

“The scholarship not only provided me with the means to succeed in my studies this year, granting me peace of mind, but it also bestowed upon me the ability to make a meaningful impact on a child who was experiencing Israel for the first time.”

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