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Dr. Jürgen Bühler

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The Concept of a ‘Just War’ | ARTICLE | 08-07-2024

Most churches today struggle with the concept of a just war. Most Western countries have not had wars in recent decades and thus we have developed a type of pacifist attitude towards any war situation. But how should Christians approach war? This question is especially relevant in light of Israel’s current conflict with Hamas. Our […]

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The Two Dreams of Joseph | ARTICLE | 06-05-2024

In our last Word From Jerusalem, we saw Israel represented in Revelation 12 as a woman adorned with twelve stars, and the sun and moon. In his vision, the Apostle John saw imagery that only appears one other time in the Bible, in Genesis 37 where Joseph has two dreams. In one dream, he sees […]

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April 13th 2024 Dear Friends and Prayer Partners, After six months of war with Hamas in Gaza, Iran has now greatly expanded the conflict over the past hour by launching armed drones and cruise missiles from Iranian soil towards Israel. Latest reports indicate Iran has been detected launching two series of drones that will take […]

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Israel and the Battle of the Ages | ARTICLE | 18-03-2024

The current war in Israel is not just a war fought in the physical realm. From early on, it was obvious we were dealing not just with a political conflict, but primarily a conflict of tremendous spiritual dimensions. Last October 7 witnessed the darkest manifestation of antisemitism since the Holocaust during World War II. After […]

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The Year of the Watchmen | ARTICLE | 05-02-2024

The horrific events of October 7th will be the subject of multiple investigations in Israel to determine what went wrong that fateful day. Already, many Israelis foresee numerous top political and military leaders being replaced. But one of the greatest failures is already known: the failure of the watchmen in Israel. To be more precise, […]

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The ICEJ wishes you a very Happy New Year! | ARTICLE | 29-12-2023

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners, On behalf of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, I wish you a very Happy New Year! As we approach the end of this year, let us take a moment to reflect on the blessings we have received from the Lord and express our gratitude for all that He has done […]

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