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David R. Parsons

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Pentecost/Shavuot The Church & The Kingdom of God | 06-06-2022

When we talk about Israel be birthing the kingdom of God it’s not that they were just a certain people living in a certain land with a king and with rules. God placed his name upon them and He revealed himself to them and even came down in his holy presence with them and then […]

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Abraham’s Journey Through the ‘Land of Promise’ | ARTICLE | 04-03-2022

When God promised the land of Canaan to Abraham, what kind of land did he encounter when he first arrived here? Who were the inhabitants of this ‘Land of Promise?’ How did they sustain themselves on the land? And why did the Lord choose the Land of Israel for His people? The patriarch Abraham came from Ur […]

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ICEJ Assisting with Rescue of Jews from War in Ukraine | ARTICLE | 02-03-2022

Israel is planning to take in an initial wave of 3,000 Ukrainian Jews in coming weeks, and thousands more are expected to keep coming after that. Amid the immense tragedy unfolding in Ukraine right now, there are many inspiring examples of courage in the face of brutality, as well as valiant efforts to get civilians […]

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ICEJ Welcomes Ukrainian Jews Rescued from War | ARTICLE | 07-03-2022

With the Russian war against Ukraine now approaching two full weeks and causing the largest refugee crisis in Europe in over 75 years, Israel is scrambling to rescue thousands of Ukrainian Jews in harm’s way and bring them home to safety in Israel. The first flights bringing these Jewish war refugees to Israel landed on […]

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Israel’s Foreign Ministry circulated a report in early January warning that 2022 will likely be the year Israel is officially saddled with the label of “apartheid state.” Unfortunately, their forecast is looking prescient, as Amnesty International published a study this week which concludes that Israel indeed maintains an apartheid system to rule over and suppress […]

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Christian Embassy brings 65 South African Jews home to Israel | ARTICLE | 17-12-2021

On Thursday (16/12/21), the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem sponsored a rescue flight for 65 South African Jews who were allowed to make Aliyah to Israel even amid the current tight travel restrictions. The flight tickets were funded through a special donation of the ICEJ-South Africa branch, and marked our second emergency Aliyah flight for South […]

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