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ICEJ shows solidarity with Israel by helping harvest fruit | ARTICLE | 27-11-2023

By: Ryan Tsuen It is almost 50 days since scores of Hamas terrorists breached the Gaza border fence and ignited a war with Israel. This conflict has impacted every sector of Israeli society, including farmers in the South who have struggled to harvest their crops due to the incessant rocket fire. Prior to that fatal […]

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The Survival Story of Shai Hermesh on October 7th | ARTICLE | 20-11-2023

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has a long-standing relationship with our good friend Shai Hermesh, a former Knesset member. In fact, Shai credits the ICEJ with saving his life some ten years ago when he ducked into a bomb shelter we had placed in his home community of Kfar Aza during a rocket barrage from […]

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Christian pro-Israel rally in Cape Town disrupted by violent counter-protest | ARTICLE | 14-11-2023

The ICEJ-South Africa branch helped organize a pro-Israel rally at Sea Point park in Cape Town on Sunday afternoon, and were expecting about 3,000 Christians to attend, along with some Jewish community members, in order to stand with Israel and pray for the release of the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. But police called […]

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ICEJ-Donated Radios Saved Thousands of Israeli Lives on October 7 | ARTICLE | 14-11-2023

The untold story of how Hof Ashkelon region fended off Hamas When waves of Hamas terrorists breached the border fence and slaughtered over 1,200 Israelis on October 7, there were four Israeli communities just north of Gaza who managed to fend off the attackers and avoid the carnage which befell other nearby farming villages. According […]

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The Spirit of Amalek and the War on Israel | ARTICLE | 14-11-2023

Israel is at war! After the mass terrorist attack on 7 October, Israel finds itself in one of the most challenging situations since its founding in 1948. The nation currently has its standing army with advanced military equipment, plus a record call-up of over 300,000 reservist soldiers, all deployed on three battle fronts – Gaza […]

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Israel Battling for its Life! | ARTICLE | 13-11-2023

An overview of the current Israel-Hamas war On the quiet Shabbat morning of 7 October 2023, as the Jewish people were observing the fall holy day of Simchat Torah, Hamas launched thousands of rockets from Gaza into Israel, which provided cover for over 2,500 armed terrorists to blast through the Gaza border fence and lay […]

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