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Christian Embassy Standing with Israel Worldwide | ARTICLE | 05-08-2022

The global network of ICEJ offices worldwide have been very active over recent months building support for Israel in their respective countries, supporting our social aid projects, reaching out to their local Jewish communities, defending against antisemitism and anti-Zionism, and so much more. Here are reports from several of our national offices around the world […]

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Understanding 1 Thessalonians – Part 4 | ARTICLE | 04-07-2022

Study 4 We have noted thus far that Paul’s ministry at Thessaloniki was not in vain as it brought forth the fruit of salvation in the lives of many in the city. He, and his apostolic band were sent out from the Church at Antioch with the blessing of the leaders there and that of […]

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Understanding 1 Thessalonians – Part 3 | ARTICLE | 20-06-2022

In this passage we have reflected or modeled the type of interaction and relationship that should exist between Christian Ministers and the congregations that they serve. The wider context is that Paul was a part of an Apostolic Band that was initially called forth by the Holy Spirit and sent out into the world to […]

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Understanding 1 Thessalonians – Part 2 | ARTICLE | 30-05-2022

Having opened the letter with a greeting and a statement of thanksgiving concerning the sincere commitment to Christ of the believers at Thessaloniki, Paul then turns his attention to the impact that the Word of God has upon people when it is faithfully preached. He therefore writes about: A. The preaching of the Word of […]

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Understanding 1 Thessalonians – Part 1 | ARTICLE | 19-05-2022

Paul’s First Letter to the Church at Thessaloniki part 1 Introduction As we begin our study of this wonderful Pauline letter we must remember that it is indeed a letter and actually not a book. It is written to the congregation at Thessaloniki and therefore the text must be expounded with this in mind. That […]

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Abraham’s Journey Through the ‘Land of Promise’ | ARTICLE | 04-03-2022

When God promised the land of Canaan to Abraham, what kind of land did he encounter when he first arrived here? Who were the inhabitants of this ‘Land of Promise?’ How did they sustain themselves on the land? And why did the Lord choose the Land of Israel for His people? The patriarch Abraham came from Ur […]

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