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The Decree to the (ICJ) International Court of Justice | 11-07-2024

To the International Court of Justice (ICJ): We, Christian representatives of Canada in agreement with those from the nations who gathered for “The Trial” Congress at the World Forum in The Hague on July 4, 2024, declare the following: The whole earth belongs to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The Most High […]

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ICEJ Canada standing with Israel and our Jewish community marking 9 months of hostages held by terrorist Hamas | MESSAGE | 09-07-2024

Donna Holbrook ICEJ Canada Nat. Executive Director with Dr Wes Mack our Ambassador at Large stood Sunday with Israel & our Jewish community. Survivors and hostage families from Israel spoke. Many appreciated our huge banner “Christians Support Israel” and thanked us for standing with them at these rallies, for our work on their behalf and […]

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Word From Jerusalem – July / August 2024

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The Concept of a ‘Just War’ | ARTICLE | 08-07-2024

Most churches today struggle with the concept of a just war. Most Western countries have not had wars in recent decades and thus we have developed a type of pacifist attitude towards any war situation. But how should Christians approach war? This question is especially relevant in light of Israel’s current conflict with Hamas. Our […]

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A Season of Art and Film at the Haifa Home | ARTICLE | 08-07-2024

The ICEJ’s Home for Holocaust survivors in Haifa provides a warm, loving community for its elderly residents. With the help of our caring staff, the residents are able to live out their lives with dignity among fellow survivors who also suffered pain and loss in the Holocaust. Here are some of the latest happenings at […]

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