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ICEJ VP Nicole Yoder and special guest Takele Mekonen, one of the Ethiopian Jewish Community Leader.

Challenges of the Ethiopian Urgent Airlift
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ICEJ VP David Parsons and special guest Gil Kapen, the Executive Director of the American Jewish International Relations Institute.

Current Affairs Ending the Israel Hate Fest at the UN
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Special guest Jacob Keegstra, ICEJ National Director Netherlands as they discuss the significance of celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles to Chanukah

Biblical & Prophetic Teachings From Festival to Festival
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ICEJ VP Mojmir Kallus and special guest Christina Leinum, ICEJ National Director Denmark.

Dietric Bonhoeffer on the Christ Centered Life
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ICEJ VP David Parsons and special guest David Elms, ICEJ National Director United Kingdom.

Biblical Teaching – The Kindling of Biblical Zionism
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ICEJ President Dr Jürgen Bühler and special guest Marcos Tavares, ICEJ National Director Slovenia.

Biblical Teaching – A Striker for God’s Kingdom
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