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Season 3

Videos by Category

A lesson about Yeshua, the Hebrew name of Jesus; A teaching about Zionist movements from Rabbi Jarrod Grover, a leading voice for Conservative Judaism

S3 – Episode 26
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Theologian Malcolm Hedding discusses the history of Christian Zionism; The evolution of a fabric store in the Christian quarter of Old Jerusalem since before the birth of Israel

S3 – Episode 25
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A walkthrough at the memorial cave at Yad Vashem; Theologian Malcolm Hedding discusses a shared history between Christians and Jews

S3 – Episode 24
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A lesson about the almond tree from the Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel; From his heart… A messianic Jewish Reverend discusses the controversial topic of Christian missionizing to Jews A visit to Duc In Altum, dubbed ‘the most unique spiritual center in the holy land’ Two professors discuss: Israel Apartheid Week on campus

S3 – Episode 23
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Understanding the concern of Missionizing Jews; Connecting the Church with Israel—The history and heart of the international Christian Embassy

S3 – Episode 22
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A visit to the historic House of David Ben Gurion; A Jewish columnist addresses the question of “anti-semitic Jews”

S3 – Episode 21
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