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Season 2

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New archeological findings from Magdala in the Holy Land– including the oldest carved menorah and an altar of sacrifice; A Rabbi speaks on what the role of women in churches should be.

S2 – Episode 26
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A Lesson on Israel’s Calling;A visit to Yad Vashem; And an interview with the Chief Political Correspondent of the Jerusalem Post

S2 – Episode 25
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A Bishop addresses the identity of the Jewish Christ; A moving story about Rita: A holocaust survivor’s account of her heritage and dreams; And…a Jerusalem City Hall Councilor makes Aliyah to Israel from America

S2 – Episode 24
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Confirming the Origins of the Gospel; A view of the City of Jerusalem from the Western Wall; A Canadian couple who made Aliyah

S2 – Episode 22
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Magdala, a First Century town where Jesus taught. Best selling author Robert Spencer discusses Israel and Iran; The Vicar of Baghdad, Rev. Dr. Canon Andrew White declares Israel as the safe haven for the Middle East.

S2 – Episode 21
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A visit to Christ Church in Jerusalem; a lesson on the Resurrection with Rev. Juha Ketola; and the marvel of the olive, from biblical history to your kitchen.

S2 – Episode 20
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