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Season 1

Videos by Category

Look at Jerusalem and the City of David; ICEJ’s outreach within Israel and Muslim Countries

S1 – Episode 16
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Yad Vashem; Holocaust Survivors; Pastor Umar Mulinde – Muslim turned Christian attacked with acid; Stephen Khoury Arabs ministering to Arabs

S1 – Episode 15
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Jewish living within the West Bank; Save a Child’s Heart Israeli free medical care for Arabs

S1 – Episode 14
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Interview with ICEJ West Director; Shabbat at a Rabbis home; City of David New discoveries; Bomb Shelter donations near Gaza; Anti-Semitism

S1 – Episode 13
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Pool of Siloam; A look at the return of the tribes to Israel; Jewish and Christian Relations in Israel compared to North America.

S1 – Episode 12
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Aliyah – the return of the Jews home…A Canadian Composer and violinist share her story and an Arab Pastor ministering in Bethlehem and Gaza in the midst of death threats.

S1 – Episode 11
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