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ICEJ Canada is active and engaged in Israel and in Canada. Sign up here for the latest news, events, promos and prayer initiatives from our office in Toronto.

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Join ICEJ VPs David Parsons and David van der Walt as they discuss the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur.

A Special Yom Kippur Webinar
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Hosted by Jürgen Bühler, David Parsons & Tiffany Mallillin featuring: Angus Buchan and Susan Michael

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The Feast is Here!
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Hosted by Jürgen Bühler & Tiffany Mallillin featuring: Steve Mirpuri, Aaron Wright & Fine Ditoka.

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The Feast of Joy
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Sept. 20-27 – Feast of Tabernacles 2021 The Days of Elijah
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Donna Holbrook on first 6 seasons, Tiffany Maillillin on the FOT, Sukkot teaching

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Hosted by Jürgen Bühler, Tiffany Mallillin featuring: Malcolm Hedding & Joshua Gooding.

The Feast of Miracles
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