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Calling all Christians to join ICEJ in Standing with Israel!


| ARTICLE | 24-10-2023

We are now 18 days into Israel’s daunting battle against jihadi terrorism by Hamas and other Iranian-armed and controlled Islamist militias in the Middle East. As more evidence emerges of the brutal Hamas onslaught against innocent civilians on October 7th, Israel continues to receive critical international support for its air campaign to weaken the Hamas terror network in Gaza and demand the release of some 222 hostages. Yet pressure also is growing to widen the flow of humanitarian goods to civilians in Gaza, an opening that Hamas could exploit to smuggle more weapons and fighters into the Gaza Strip and drag out the hostage stand-off for months.

Christians everywhere must join together in supporting Israel’s right to self-defense and its just cause in defeating Hamas and freeing not only the hostages in Gaza, but also freeing the Arab population of Gaza from the cruel grip of Hamas.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is engaged in this very effort on three levels – through Prayer, Relief Aid, and Solidarity! Here is what we have been doing and how you can be a part of this urgent response on behalf of an embattled Israel.

PRAYER:  Prayer is a powerful spiritual weapon in the heavenlies, and in our own hearts. More than 1,500 Christians from around the world are joining the ICEJ every day for our daily online Global Prayer Gathering, where we give updates and offer prayers alongside Christian leaders and intercessors from Israel and around the world. Many participants in the GPG have found it gives encouragement and hope for dealing with this crisis, as the news out of Israel and the region is often troubling.

One lady from England just wrote us that: “For the first two days after the attack, and before I’d discovered ICEJ, I felt in such shock, and that the Jewish and Messianic friends and family in Israel and London were alone, heartbroken and frightened. Now each day it is a privilege and profound Holy Encouragement in our LORD to listen, worship, prayer and be in your comforting presence. Thank you! I’m so blessed to discover ICEJ after all this time.”

We also have called a Global Esther Fast to bring together those willing to fast and pray into this very difficult situation. These efforts of fasting and prayer will continue until Israel can declare victory in this current battle, and we greatly appreciate everyone who has been joining with us. Find out more about how you can join our urgent prayer efforts at:

RELIEF AID:  Over 1,400 men, women, children and the elderly were viciously slaughtered by Hamas and Islamic Jihad elements who flooded into the Western Negev on October 7, while well over 200 were dragged back into Gaza as hostages. Hamas also has fired over 7,400 rockets at Israel’s civilian heartland, forcing some 200,000 Israelis to evacuate their homes on the southern and northern borders.

The ICEJ has responded by assisting evacuated Israeli families with housing, food, clothing and emergency aid, plus toys and activities for the children. We have joined urgent food distribution efforts to the elderly, new immigrants and needy families nationwide. We are providing helmets and protective vests to volunteers in first-responder teams. We have ordered eight more portable bomb shelters for the north and south of the country, and are renovating another 20 underground shelters in vulnerable border towns. We also have raised funds to help with the purchase of at least two ambulances and other emergency medical equipment. We are holding cookouts and donating warm clothing, tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor equipment for those defending the country. And we are funding trauma counseling and care for Israeli families severely shaken by the conflict.

The ICEJ is receiving support for our relief efforts from so many nations at this time, including from Christians in such surprising places as Mongolia, Nepal, and Uzbekistan. The needs are great, and every gift counts! So, please donate today.

Donate to the Israel Emergency Aid Fund

SOLIDARITY:  The ICEJ’s global network of national branches and activists in some 170 countries are standing up as never before to defend Israel and combat the wave of antisemitic and even jihadist incitement now sweeping the globe. Israel has a right to defend itself, and a just cause to eradicate Hamas terrorism before its ideology spreads further.

Over recent weeks, ICEJ leaders and members have organized and joined numerous rallies around the world, including pro-Israel rallies in Berlin and Stuttgart in Germany, London, Liverpool and Manchester in the UK, Copenhagen in Denmark, and Paris in France. Our Christian followers have rallied for Israel in Albania, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Fiji, Finland, Georgia, Honduras, India, Italy, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, the Philippines, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, the United States, and so many more countries.

The ICEJ also partnered in the large rally in Geneva, Switzerland this past Sunday in front of the UN Human Rights Council and the International Committee of the Red Cross to demand more action to free the Israeli and foreign hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. ICEJ Vice President for International Affairs Dr. Mojmir Kallus and our Swiss branch leadership team were all there on stage to call and pray for the release of these abductees.

The ICEJ also is spearheading an international diplomatic effort to urge our nations’ leaders to do more to stand with Israel at this critical time. We are securing signatures from leading Christians on letters addressed to the UN Secretary General and other key government figures which call for a drastic change of course from the normal appeasement of Iran and its proxy militias Hamas and Hizbullah. You can show solidarity with Israel by organizing or joining rallies for Israel in your home towns and capitals. Also be sure to let your government leaders and media know of your stand with Israel. Learn more at: