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Absorption & Mentoring Project Description


ICEJ Canada is involved with a vital absorption project, providing professional mentors to personally assist new Jewish Olim (immigrants) from many different countries acclimatize to their new home and community.

The ICEJ has partnered with the Jewish Agency for over 30 years and is dedicated to continuing to help.

In 2022 : over 70,000 new immigrants arrived in Israel…

The Ministry of Aliyah has announced that 70,000 new immigrants have arrived in the land of Israel in 2022. This is a record for 20 years. God is bringing his people home. He foretold it more than 2,000 years ago. The largest number come from Russia, followed by Ukraine. The Jews from Russia arrive in Israel with whole families. The Jews from Ukraine are fleeing the war violence in their country. They often come only mothers with children. The fathers must stay to fight. Many are arriving from Ethiopia also and they need much help. When they are in Israel, then the real process of Integration begins. During this past year we helped 1551 Jews to integrate into Israeli culture.

In 2023 it is expected that we will help with over 1500 Ethiopians making their way home to Israel, some will have family others will not, they will all need our help to integrate.

Since our founding in September 1980, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has assisted more than 170,000 Jews to make Aliyah to Israel. That represents more than ten percent of the Jews who made the journey home to Israel in the past four decades. They are coming from the north, south, east and west – just as the Bible promises.

Once they arrive in Israel, many of them need tremendous support, which is why ICEJ Canada has sponsored this special “Mentoring Project“.

Each of the trained mentors we support will work closely with up to 20 families for two to five years depending on their needs after they have left the absorption centre. The acclimatization process takes a long time and there are different needs at different stages.

Mentors tailor their help to each individual family, sometimes with the language, finding homes, jobs, and schools for their children. They may need further help to learn the monetary system, basic budgeting and grocery shopping, to complete government forms even how to navigate the transit systems.

As to the amounts required to assist through mentoring there are differing amounts required depending on the need, when they came into the program, and why. Also depending on which country, they are arriving from. The range is usually between CAD $3,500- CAD $7,500 per family.

OUR GOAL: To send $40,000 CAD each quarter! 

In Isaiah 49:22, the Lord says: “Behold, I will lift My hand in an oath to the nations, and set up My standard for the peoples; they shall bring your sons in their arms, and your daughters shall be carried on their shoulders.” So, we are invited by God to play a key prophetic role in the great Ingathering of Israel in our day. Please join us by supporting these wonderful people!


Update: Feb. ’23: The arrival of 124 olim this week marks the beginning of the next wave of Ethiopian Aliyah, with another 1500 Ethiopian Jews desperately waiting for their turn to make the journey home in the coming months!

Concerning the present ETHIOPIAN SITUATION:

1) Malnourishment: Ethiopia is suffering from a prolonged drought which has impacted the whole nation. Jewish and Christian groups (including the ICEJ) have helped feed and care for these Ethiopian Jews left in transit camps, but many are malnourished and need to be relocated to healthier surroundings.

2) Coronavirus: Much of Africa has been impacted by COVID-19. Ethiopia has seen a high rate of infections and deaths over the past 3 years.

3) Locust plague: There has been massive swarms of locust devouring the land across Ethiopia and East Africa.

4) Conflict: Civil war has broken out between Ethiopian government forces and a regional rebel militia, with fighting reported only 45 miles from the Gondar transit camps.

The need for mentors for these people is great. 

Thank you so much for helping us help these precious people.

ICEJ Canada sincerely appreciates your prayers & support for this project!

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